Wedding Moments That Leashed Me With Asian Bride And Groom

A wedding photographer captures every moment of the wedding so delightfully so that he can make wedding day memorable for wedding couple’s whole life.


I have captured around thousands of weddings till now but the wedding moments that lashed me this time are totally different. I can’t define what I felt during Sarah and Jack’s wedding. It was an Asian love marriage. In Asia still couple has to kill their love as arrange marriage customs have to be followed. It is not like I have not seen love marriages but this wedding was totally different. The bride was a Sikh and groom belonged to Christian community so they got married in both Punjabi and Christian style.

Asian wedding bride

I have seen families do not get involve happily in love marriages but this time each and every person of both the families were so happy and enjoyed being a part of this marriage that I liked the most. During Sarah’s ring ceremony she wore a beautiful Sikh wedding dress and after that she came in a wedding gown to follow Christian wedding style. The glow on her face was catching everyone’s eyes as she was looking the happiest bride.

Bridesmaid with asian bride

A loving couple looks most beautiful on their wedding day as they are getting married to the one they always wanted in their dreams. A sweet smile on both bride and groom’s face shows their happiness and I believe this wedding broke all the previous wedding customs of Asia where strings of different religions have still bound to the love couples to get marry.

Engagement photo


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